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Career and Personal Branding Advice From Male Celebrities - Personal Branding Blog - Stand Out In Your Career

Career and Personal Branding Advice From Male Celebrities - Personal Branding Blog - Stand Out In Your Career You’re fed up with the job market right now or you’re feeling stuck in your career, with nowhere to go, and you’re out of people to complain to. If so, then you’re probably watching your favorite show on TV, or browsing because you’re too cheap to purchase cable. Either way, you watch, listen, and hear about celebrities all the time. Most of the time, you probably don’t care what they have to say, but there are a lot of career and branding lessons that you can learn from them. Aside from reality TV stars, people aren’t just famous because they’re famous. They achieve success because they have goals, and figure out the best way to reach them, throughout the course of their lives. Here are five branding and career lessons that you can learn from celebrities that you’ve heard of one way or another. Ryan Seacrest â€" work your tail off Love him or hate him, Ryan Seacrest is one of the hardest working guys in the entertainment business.  When he’s not spending hours putting on hair gel, and flossing his teeth, he’s either hosting E! News TV, American Idol, or one of his syndicated radio show’s interviewing Kim Kardashion, Justin Bieber or one of the Twilight stars. After watching the Oprah segment on his work schedule, you can see the stress, sweat and determination Ryan has for following his dreams. When it comes to your career, you need to be ambitious, bold, and work extremely hard to get what you want. My college roommate used to always tell me “you get out what you put in.” He was referred to the results that you get from hard work. If you leave the office at 3:00 pm every day, then you’re cheating both yourself and your employer. By putting in those additional hours, even if you have to work on a weekend, you will be able to achieve more and have a brighter future. Donald Trump â€" put your name on everything When he’s not telling you to think like a champion or that he has a new property in New York City, Donald Trump is leading a massive empire across the world. He reminds you of his personal brand through his NBC reality TV show “The Apprentice,” as well as his hotels, casinos, skating rinks, golf courses, books, and even his Trump branded steaks. Trump puts his name everywhere, and therefore more people know about him, his family, and his connection with luxury products. You need to make sure your name gets out there in the same regard. Whether it’s your Twitter profile, your Facebook page, your business cards, your resume, or a presentation you working on at work, your name should be everywhere. This creates a consistency that will remind people of who you are, and what value you can contribute. Johnny Depp â€" dress for success If you haven’t heard the name Johnny Depp then you must not have watched his blockbuster movies, including the Pirates of the Caribbean series, and his recent Alice in Wonderland remake. Depp doesn’t just get attention from the ladies and press because of his acting skills though. He’s one of the most stylish guys on the planet, or at least that’s what GQ says. He wears grungy clothes, wears a variety of accessories, has long hair, and he switches his attire based on if he’s going to an award show, posing for a magazine, or is just casually walking around LA. We can all take a lesson on how Depp dresses for success. You should have your own unique style, which means don’t copy everyone else. Dressing the part is important too. Before going on a job interview or starting your first day of work, make sure you dress appropriately based on the corporate culture. For instance, if it’s a small marketing firm or startup company, everyone might be wearing jeans. On the other hand, if you’re applying for a sales position at a Fortune 500 conglomerate, you better wear a suit. Dressing the part is about choosing the career that best suits what you want to wear. Michael Jordan â€" be the best at what you do If you asked ten people who the best basketball player of all time was, many would say Michael Jordan. At least the NBA acknowledges him of it! “Air” Jordan won five MVP awards, ten All-NBA First Team designations, and holds the record for the highest career regular-seasons scoring average of 30.12 points per game. I bet one of your friends is walking around his one of Jordan’s signature shoes, shirts, or even a basketball. Jordan was the best at basketball, and you can be the best at what you do too. Decide what industry you want to go into, and in what field you can be the top expert in. Then learn, practice, and acquire new skills, so that you become more in-demand, have a higher salary, and can achieve a greater level of success. Michael Jordan didn’t become the king of the court overnight. He had the desire to be a champion, the commitment to lead his team, and the persistence to stay up all night shooting, dribbling, and honing his skills. Simon Cowell â€" authenticity rules “If your lifeguard duties were as good as your singing, a lot of people would be drowning,” states Simon Cowell to one of the contestants on American Idol. Every time Simon Cowell makes fun of a contestant on American Idol, we get angry, but in the back of our minds we agree with him. Simon is a music executive, television producer, successful entrepreneur, known from the UK to the US and back. He’s been the judge on a variety of hit shows, including Britain’s Got Talent and Idol. Simon reminds all of us to be authentic and use our first amendment right to free speech. I see a lot of people who are lost in their careers, and aren’t true to their inner talents. You should let the world know what makes you special! Speak your mind and don’t be a phony because people connect with genuine and honest people, instead of “yes men.” In review To be successful, take Seacrest’s work ethic, Trump’s branding, Johnny Depp’s stylish wardrobe, Jordan’s authority, and Cowell’s honesty and mix them together. Of course, you aren’t a celebrity, at least not one that commands as much attention as these industry titans. You can’t afraid to be yourself and you certainly can’t be lazy if you want to have a successful career. And who knows, someday you might get your own TV show!

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Be a Weed

Be a Weed I recently attended a national conference and had the great pleasure of hear Victor Hwang speak. He’s CEO and  co-founder  of T2 Venture Creation, a Silicon Valley firm that builds startup companies and designs the ecosystems that foster entrepreneurial innovation.  He’s also the author or co-author of several books, including The Rainforest: The Secret to Building the Next Silicon Valley. He writes about what makes Silicon Valley what it is â€" not a place, but rather a state of mind.   The good news, Hwang tells us, is that states of mind are free; you can create one in the company where you work. Hwang uses the metaphor of the rainforest to talk about innovation and creativity, and he starts by comparing it to the plantation, where crops are raised like a business.   On the plantation, you plant useful crops in large scale for harvest and consumption â€" and profit. Like a business, you have to be able to predict outcomes and control everything that happens. If a weed sprouts up, your mission is clear: pluck it or kill it. There is no room for weeds in the midst of your crop. Embed from Getty Imageswindow.gie=window.gie||function(c){(gie.q=gie.q||[]).push(c)};gie(function(){gie.widgets.load({id:'mlhd1wVWQNFUZXZjucwSWA',sig:'GHFV84Bd9PWKrp-saJcZfo9Gt8Pv5gWZwOSebL4HW9c=',w:'508px',h:'339px',items:'544531001',caption: false ,tld:'com',is360: false })}); Now let’s switch to the rainforest, which the dictionary defines as “a luxuriant, dense forest rich in biodiversity.” Can you point out the weeds in a rainforest? Frankly, it’s all weeds. You can’t predict what will grow or how high it will grow in the rainforest â€" and no one is trying. Plantations are neat and precise, with clear lines of ownership and management; rainforests are chaotic, and no one is in charge. Great innovation seldom comes out of a business structured like a plantation; it’s hard to get creative ideas past the rules, policies, structure and management. Creativity thrives in chaos, where no one knows the outcomes in advance and where they’re open to anything that might happen. If you’re trying to push yourself or your company into a more creative space, here are some guiding rules of the rainforest (and the weeds who grow there.) Break rules and dream â€" don’t be limited by what you know, what you think is possible, or what you can afford. Open doors and listen take ideas from everyone and everywhere they appear; don’t discount a source of inspiration that might be unconventional or unrelated to your core business. Trust first â€" act as though you already have a relationship with this new partner, vendor or customer. Trusting may occasionally cause you to be cheated or hurt, but most of the time, it will open new possibilities and create deep and lasting connections. Seek fairness, not advantage â€" how could you structure a deal or employment so that both parties have equal potential and equal status? What might happen if you made concessions to build trust? Experiment and iterate together â€" accept that your first draft won’t be perfect. Ask your customers what they liked and didn’t like, and then make changes based on their input. Err, fail, persist â€" Turn failure into a learning tool. Show others that making mistakes is not the end of the world. Be curious about what did happen instead of being ashamed of what didn’t happen. Pay it forward â€" give back some of what you learn and what you earn. Help others who are following behind you â€" even if they may become your competitors someday. Success isn’t a zero-sum game; every person who enters the market has the potential to expand the market. How did you â€" or your company â€" score? Don’t feel bad if you feel more like a farmer than a weed; we need farmers, too.  Hwang says that every product or service has to move from the rainforest to the plantation to grow and serve its markets. Your iPhone 6 may have been conceived and designed in the rainforest, but it’s produced with mechanical precision on the plantation. Victor Hwang smiles when he says that you don’t want iPhone production line workers getting creative â€" you want to get what you expect when you open the box. You can’t grow a rainforest overnight; that doesn’t happen in nature either. But you can hire, help and stop hassling the weeds you know. Let them experiment, even if it means failing occasionally. Be open to outcomes you can’t control or predict. Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, put it best: “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”

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How to Specifically Name Writing Skills on Resume

How to Specifically Name Writing Skills on ResumeSome people think that mentioning writing skills on resume is too modest. They try to avoid mentioning it. They think that it is embarrassing to mention it since it includes an activity that they have mastered well. However, there are some things that you need to do in order to mention it in your resume.You should always write your resume. Do not hesitate in writing your resume. Once you have written your resume, do not be afraid to change the subject or paragraph on which you are writing. Try to put it in a different category. When you are writing your resume, you can add some parts on which you are writing the details about the writing skills.The first thing that you need to do when you want to know how to mention writing skills on resume is to write about your experience in writing. Describe your writing work to your employer. You can even provide information about some of your writing experiences. Moreover, do not forget to write d own your writing success stories.When you want to know how to mention writing skills on resume, you need to discuss some of your accomplishments during job interview. Show some of your accomplishments that you have gained. Be sure to include the work that you have done in this area.People always love to talk about their skills. Do not be shy and talk about it. Even if you did not complete any specific writing task, you can share your own writing skills. Do not be shy if you are trying to write about writing tasks. Since you are being asked to write on resume, you might as well start sharing some of your skills.Do not forget to mention the skills that you used in writing the resume. Write about the skills that you have used in reviewing the previous work. It is good to show your achievements in reviewing previous work. However, this does not mean that you should mention your failures in reviewing the previous work.You can also mention the skills that you acquired in learning a new la nguage or writing style. However, the list of skills cannot exceed six. You cannot include everything. For example, if you are required to edit documents, then you cannot include writing skills in the skill part of the resume. It would be like having a college diploma in computer programming, but not a college diploma in accounting.Finally, you need to list the skills that you have learned on the job. This does not include the skills that you have learned from books or that you learned from other instructors. You can write about your writing skills on the job as long as you can prove that you learned it on the job.

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Why You Should Use a Monster Resume Writing Service

Why You Should Use a Monster Resume Writing ServiceAnyone who has some experience using resume writing services will tell you that it is very easy to learn how to write a resume. You may even have written a resume on your own time. But if you are interested in using a resume writer to help you out, chances are you aren't exactly that skilled at writing a resume.That is why you should consider using a monster resume writing service instead. You can still go about the process of writing your own resume, but you can get the help of an expert in the field. A resume writer can take all of the different skills you have and put them into one resume.A monster resume writing service can give you more than just your resume writing. They can also give you a resume template that you can follow. In fact, many times they will even have samples of the types of resumes they have done for others.The advantage to using a monster resume writing service is that they usually only do one type of resume. T he first type is the traditional resume. These resumes are what most people think of when they think of the term resume. The main reason that this type of resume works well is because it shows that you have done your homework.A word resume can also include a bunch of information and be very lengthy. Even the good ones can be difficult to read, since they have so much text. A word resume is a lot easier to read, since there is only one letter per page.The best resume writers will take care of any formatting for you. They will turn your resume into a one page resume and then turn it into a two page resume. That way you won't have to worry about getting formatting wrong or losing important information.If you have a lot of information to put on your resume, a resume writer can help you as well. They will format your resume into a master document and then have it sent to the employer for approval. If the employer approves the master document, then you will be considered for the job.Resum e writing is a skill that should be learned over time. If you are able to hire a resume writer, you won't have to spend all day trying to figure out how to do it. It can be a huge help.

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100! Thanks!

100! Thanks! This is post number 100!   I need to thank the many people who inspire and motivate me. I look forward to 100 more posts and readers! Mike Lally, for the gentle nudge to start blogging. Pop, for being my first and best fan. Amy Jane, for your wonderful visual eye and suggestions. Deidre, for believing there is something to all this stuff I write. Rita Carey, because of your experience and mentor-ship. Karen and Larry, for being wonderful supporters and providing great ideas for improvement. Rosa Smith-Montanaro for her friendship and entrepreneurial spirit Pat, for keeping me in line and sharing your knowledge of trivia. Craig Watkins and Graeme Roberts of iWrite Marketing who have shown me the value of networking and thinking outside of the box All my friends who read this stuff! Jason Alba, Dan Schawbel, Seth Godin, Miriam Salpeter and the other bloggers out there who provide thought provoking content. Carol White Llewellyn, for her blog knowledge and writing expertise Thank you to the thousands of job seekers who attend my workshops and provide inspiration for my posts. I am having such fun with this.   It is another way I can reach out and help provide resources and information to people. I look forward to helping others.   Please help me by: Sharing links to my posts with people you know Commenting on posts the hit a nerve or strike a chord Providing suggestions or request a topic Thanks!

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Tough (Question) Tuesday Installment 29

Tough (Question) Tuesday Installment 29 Celebrate Small Successes from things we forget Think of that goal that you recently accomplished. Even if it was a baby goal, or a baby step to a bigger goal, give yourself permission to think about it now. Sit with it a while. Explore how you got there and all the hard work you put into accomplishing that goal or making that step. Revel in it. Now ask yourself: What are you going to do to celebrate? Ill start off the answers in the comments section, but then its your turn! You can read all of the Tough (Question) Tuesday installments here.

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Tips on Resume Writing Service in Huntsville Alabama

Tips on Resume Writing Service in Huntsville AlabamaIf you are looking for a career in a corporate field, the chances are that your resume will be looked at by the employers before you even make it to the interview. This is where a professional resume writing service in Huntsville Alabama can help you tremendously. There are a few things that you can do to ensure that your resume is a positive one when it comes to getting the right kind of response from your prospective employer.The first thing that you need to do is create a quality resume. The second thing is to give it to the writing service in Huntsville, so that they can professionally edit it to meet the needs of the potential employer. The third thing that you need to do is to make sure that you have proofread it a few times before submitting it to the employer. A professional resume writer will do this for you and will make sure that you don't get your resume in the wrong hands.The best thing about a professional resume writi ng service in Huntsville is that they will know exactly what type of skills you have. You should be able to give a list of your abilities that will enable them to know if you are the right candidate for the job or not. A good resume writing service in Huntsville has the training and experience that will allow them to choose the most appropriate job for you.They will have all the necessary knowledge of personal qualities that will show in your resume. There are certain things that you need to take into consideration when creating a resume, so you should be sure that you are giving all the necessary information to make it more useful to the employer. It is always a good idea to include a list of all your accomplishments, qualifications, and skills. This will enable the service to understand what your strengths and weaknesses are.Another good thing about a professional resume writing service in Huntsville is that they will be able to customize the resume to meet the requirements of the employer. They have people in their agency who specialize in this area and will be able to design a resume that is appropriate for the job. They are skilled in this field and know how to create a resume that can be used by the employer.You will be provided with a number of examples of how this service works. The results of these services will be well worth the price that you pay for them. These professionals will give you the most desirable results for your money, so there is no need to hesitate to choose the one that can provide you with the best results.You can expect that when the job you are applying for comes up, you will have an amazing job waiting for you. You will be able to use the power of resumes to give yourself the opportunity you have been looking for. A professional resume writing service in Huntsville Alabama will help you achieve your dreams in the work world.